19 oktober 2011

Meet the Team Leader - Dr. Kenny Matsuoka

Dr. Matsuoka describes himself as a field-oriented glaciologist.  He always frames research questions as "what we can learn from the data" and "what kinds of tools and data we need to have to understand the nature."  The nature is inherently complicate so we need to have eagle eyes to probe into it.  Theory and laboratory work can help us formulate hypotheses which guide us to understand the complicated data.  It is Dr. Matsuoka's philosophy that fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and theoretical development are three wheels of a car.  The other wheel is passion for science.  None of them can be absent for excellent science.

Attention Teachers!

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to connect your students with current scientific discoveries?
  • Do you want to have researchers visit your classroom and share how exciting a science career can be?
  • Or maybe you are looking for some activities to celebrate the Nansen-Amundsen year?
…then come with us to Antarctica!